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The services provide you with the assistance and help on every step from the beginning to the very end of your academic path. You can find the help for every step, starting with clarifying the wishes and goals, to submitting the application to the university of your choosing. Explore the services provided and find the one that best fits your needs and goals.

Application Procedure

Guiding you from the very first step to the very final step of the application, you will be provided with the support in all aspects of the application. The package is designed and intended for all prospective students to ensure carefree application and the ease of submitting the application. Providing you with the advising and discussion sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask and clarify and doubts and concerns of engaging in such endeavor. The package will ensure your minimal effort while guiding you and ensuring the quality application for a hopeful admission to the university. You can relax by having to provide only the minimal effort and the rest will be taken care of on your behalf – personally a well known process.

The application requires prospective students to “assemble” an application package that can often lead to unnecessary stress. You will be ensured to have every detail ensured and prepared to have the quality and speed ensured. The package is an all-inclusive offer that provides review, collection and advising services in a single offering.


You are ensured a carefree application with the sole responsibility of delivering the required information through the established means of communication between us.

Documentation Collection

With the complexity one may encounter when applying to the university, one may find it difficult of finding what documentation has to be collected. In addition to finding the list of required documents, the collection itself provides you with the help of ensuring every aspect of the application documentation is taken care of. Such service ensures you with a complete application package that is to be submitted to the university. Throughout the collection, service ensures all requirements are met with no effort to you.


The service will build you an application package suitable for the submission with all intermediary steps taken care of.

Documentation Review

With the desire to ensure the quality of your application package and the desire to avoid unwanted mistakes, you can have the documents and the application package reviewed. The review will ensure the package is well written and assembled with no mistakes or contradictions. Such step provides you with a second opinion on the individual parts of the package, as well ensuring the documentation meets the required quality standards and no relevant information was accidentally omitted.


The package provides you with the review of any form, document or application piece from any stage of the application.

Academic Consulting

In many cases, the hardest part of the application itself the insecurities one faces when considering enormous steps in the unknown direction. Helping you with clarifying any information regarding the country, educational system, academic career and possible future opportunities; the service will provide you with the insight and give you a better picture of what lies ahead. Such information is of vital importance for inner piece and a growing desire with a support necessary for such commitment.


Providing you with personal experience and knowledge will help you discuss any insecurities and help you commit with confidence.


  • Collecting the required documentation
  • Reviewing the documentation
  • Building a complete package
  • Academic consulting
  • Application submission
  • Visa procedures


  • Reviewing the documentation
  • Academic consulting
  • Collecting the required documentation
  • Building a complete package
  • Application submission
  • Visa procedures


  • Academic consulting
  • Country choice
  • University choice
  • Program choice
  • Recommendations
  • Collection of information


Choosing the right service is the first step in the application process and towards the admission process. To help you start with the first step towards the collaboration, the forms have been prepared for you to submit with basic information necessary.

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Write a date in DD/MM/YYYY format

Why Kris Markovc?


Successfully applied to four different universities across four different countries with differing academic systems, while having helped other prospective students apply.


University of Naples Federico II, Italy

KU Leuven, Belgium

Tohoku University, Japan

Florida Institute of Technology, USA


Fluent in Slovenian and English


Current Ph.D. student with completed bachelor’s and master’s degree

Kris Markovc has an extensive experience with traveling abroad and engagement with various universities. Having traveled across three (3) continents and four (4) countries, Kris has been successfully admitted to multiple universities in addition to having helped numerous students with the admission to the university. Having experienced different countries and admission procedures, Kris can provide an in-depth assistance and the ability to obtain the information necessary.

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