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One can only go as far as mental strength allows for. Overcoming the hardest challenges and learning your true ability can only be done once you have conquered yourself and your mind.

Building yourself from the very beginning to approach and overcome the biggest challenges allows you to make the step towards separating yourself from the others. Exploring your limits while believing in yourself is often the hardest part of any sport. Mental strength, dedication and consistency are the key to success and overshadow the talent.

Each athlete has to find a vision and decide on the purpose the sport serves. Recreational athletes, prospective professionals and experienced professionals can find the workout suitable for their goals.

Years of professional experience, combined with post-career athletic pursuit defines our team to guide you towards reaching your goals irrespective of your background.


Explore the world of Menos Athletics and the sports both indoors and outdoors. The world of our sports allows athletes of all levels to find what they enjoy the most and receive a complete preparation for optimal performance and injury prevention:

      • Rowing
      • Bodybuilding
      • Powerlifting
      • Running
      • Cycling

Personal Coaching

Creating personalized plan for you and your needs to ensure you receive the exact routine and tools you need and want. Creating a plan utilizing one or more sports in addition to desired variety and equipment to bring your time and effort to optimal level.

Workout plans are available for all levels and goals with any set of sports and activities desired. Your success, health and happiness are our main and only priority.


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Why Menos athletics?

About us

The team prides itself with more than two decades of rowing experience spanning across numerous countries with various approaches to coaching. Professional experience gained allows our team to tailor the plans to any athlete for any boat at any stage of preparation.

Years of rowing experience

Carefully selected team of athletes to ensure the experience and professionalism among every professional we have. Diversity and experience come with success, happiness, injuries and moments of self reflection, allowing for the professionals to understand you and your needs.

Years of athletic experience

No athlete started as a professional at the highest level, yet not every athlete has reached the top. Building a team with professionals with competition experience allows us to understand the beginners and professionals alike. A range of skills and experiences helps recreational athletes stay on track.

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