Legal Statement

General terms and conditions of the website and all of the pages on its domain, govern the use of visitors and clients of the website, ownership of which belongs to Vizaris d.o.o. (hereinafter, the “owner”).

General use of website

All visitors have the right to explore and navigate the website with no restrictions in the available content unless otherwise stated or restricted by the owner. The content of the website is appropriate for all ages.

The distribution of the website content and the manipulation of its content is strictly forbidden without the approval of the owner and the mutual agreement of the actions.


The services are available to citizens of all countries, subject to the laws and regulations of the relevant governments. The owner has a right to reject and refuse to provide the services to the entities it so chooses at its own discretion for any reason.

Changing the agreement

The agreement is permitted to be changed by the client or the owner. The change must be explicitly communicated in writing and accepted by the client and the owner. The client is eligible for a refund of the difference in the value paid and the value of the delivered service. In the case of delivered value exceeding the value paid, the client is to be charged for the difference. If the agreement is changed by adding one or more services, the client is charged according to payment obligations consistent with terms and conditions.

Termination of the agreement

The agreed upon services can be terminated by the client or the owner. The termination must be explicitly communicated in writing. The notice of terminating the agreement must be delivered in writing with a hand signature to the email or sent to Cesta Zelezarjev 8, 4270 Jesenice, Slovenia.

The client is responsible for the communication with the owner and is liable for any communication, including, but not limited to the termination of the agreement.

In the event of terminating the agreement, the client is eligible for a refund in the value of paid, but not yet delivered services. In the case of delivered services being valued at more than 75% of the value paid when entering the agreement, the client is to be charged for the difference in the paid amount and the value of delivered services.

Payment for the services

Upon entering an agreement, the services are to be paid in advance at 75% of the value with the remaining 25% being paid upon completion. Client can pay for the services by bank transfer, cash in person or other agreed upon means of payment. The agreement on the payment is to be communicated when entering the agreement, with the changes possible if agreed by the client and the owner.

Legal obligations

The owner is legally not allowed to provide the services or parts the services where the owner lacks the authority. In the case of owner being restricted due to legal reasons, the failure to deliver such service is not considered as a violation of the agreement. The client understands, agrees and willfully enters the contract accepting the limitations.

The owner does not guarantee success or acceptance to any university due to buying the services from the owner. The client understands the risks and uncertainty when applying. The owner is not liable for the rejection by the university. The client must review the documentation obtained from the owner to ensure the correctness of the content.

The owner provides no guarantees and provides the personal opinions and the recommendations in the interest of the client. The recommendations provided are merely recommendations and personal opinions and not legally binding statements or professional advices and provide no guarantees or assurances.

The owner is not responsible for the acts of the client and any consequences of such actions. If the services cannot be delivered due to the acts or behavior of the client, the client is not eligible for a refund and will be charged for the difference in the value of paid services and the value of delivered services is the value of the latter exceeds the value of the former.

Other provisions

The service provider and the buyer acknowledge that this agreement represents a statement of a mutual understanding and of acceptance of conditions and thus abolishes other written or oral agreements.


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